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June 28, 2009

Bart Trojanowski
Bart's Blog
» select loop for X events

I am not a huge fan of threading when it can be avoided. I always thought that it was OK for GUI programs to be threaded. I just discovered that you can handle X events from a select loop.

    dis = XOpenDisplay(DISPLAY);
    fd = ConnectionNumber(dis);

    FD_SET(fd, &in_fds);

    select(fd+1, &in_fds, NULL, NULL, NULL);


March 2, 2008

Bart Trojanowski
Bart's Blog
» fixing X for GeodeLX

Recently I have been doign a bit of contract work for Symbio Technologies. They have had me do various little projects part time. Most recently I got a chance to work on video drivers for the Geode family.

Here is the progress...

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