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January 16, 2010

Bart Trojanowski
Bart's Blog
» notmuch for vim

Quite some time ago now, I tried sup but found it's indexing latencies unacceptable for my workflow. I also found the user interface a bit foreign and hard to get into.

More recently I've found notmuch, a project that started as a C rewrite of the core bits of sup. Basically, it's a program that indexes and searches through your existing mail.

I had two issues with it.

  • it had an emacs interface, and
  • it uses maildir instead of mailbox.

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» using WIP branches to save every edit

I am experimenting with a new workflow to help solve the problem of lost work between commits. As described in my previous post, there are already several ways to deal with keeping track of frequent edits. The only problem is that they all involve dedication and extra effort.

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July 5, 2009

Rob Echlin
Talk Software
» Getting the real Vim on Debian/Ubuntu

Did you notice that vi is pretty much feature-free on newer Debian systems? it doesn't even have syntax coloring.

The default vi package installed on Debian Lenny, and Ubuntu is vim-tiny, which is really restricted and very appropriate for really, really small environments.

To update, install vim-nox for the real thing.

If you want the GUI version, install vim-full, which basically installes vim-gnome.

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June 9, 2009

Bart Trojanowski
Bart's Blog
» git-vim hacking

I did some hacking on my fork on git-vim. I am impressed how well things work. motemen, the upstream author, did a really great job setting things up.

I've been mostly tyoing with command handling and completion this evening. I want to make that I could type :git diff ma<tab> and have it do the rigth thing... it seems to work.

Next, I need to integrate my other git hacks and also others that seem interesting. I should also see if I can get the upstream author to consider including any of it.

April 30, 2008

Bart Trojanowski
Bart's Blog
» git-vim

I have had an item on my todo list to improve my vim/git integration for a while. Today, I found git-vim on github. I was really impressed. So I forked it and hope to do some work on the project...


First I will have to check if there is anything salvageable from my current vim scripts.