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June 2, 2009

Rick Leir
» Linux networking cookbook

Linux networking cookbook / Carla Schroder, O’Reilly, 2008

Here is a book on system administration for Linux.  It is practical and really useful.

1Introduction to Linux Networking
2Building a Linux Gateway on a Single-Board Computer
3Building a Linux Firewall
4Building a Linux Wireless Access Point
5Building a VoIP Server with Asterisk
6Routing with Linux
7Secure Remote Administration with SSH
8Using Cross-Platform Remote Graphical Desktops
9Building Secure Cross-Platform Virtual Private Networks with OpenVPN
10Building a Linux PPTP VPN Server
11Single Sing-on with Samba for Mixed Linux/Windows LANs
12Centralized Network Directory with OpenLDAP
13Network Monitoring with Nagios
14Network Monitoring with MRTG
15Getting Acquainted with IPv6
16Setting Up Hands-Free Network Installations of New Systems
17Linux Server Administration via Serial Console
18Running a Linux Dial-Up Server
19Troubleshooting Networks

Legendary ORA quality. 600 pages.

Get it here at OPL

June 1, 2009

Rick Leir
» TCP/IP architecture, design and implementation in Linux

TCP/IP architecture, design and implementation in Linux / Sameer Seth, Wiley, IEEE, 2008

Here is a book that delves into the architecture and code details of networking in Linux. 750 pages, hardcover.

Get it here from OPL

June 1, 2008

Rick Leir
» Linux TCP/IP networking for embedded systems

book coverLinux TCP/IP networking for embedded systems / Thomas F. Herbert. Charles River Media, 2007

Find out how the TCP/IP stack is implemented in Linux. This book is for the kernel hacker, not the applications programmer. Not an easy read, but much easier than learning from reading the networking code.

Get it from OPL