Dr. duHamel Yellow Horn laid this wing on the National War Memorial in Ottawa, Nov. 11, 2012, Remembrance Day Ceremony.
She laid it to honour her father and two uncles and their participation in the Canadian war effort during the Second World War.
Paula’s father was posted to the factory that made the Lancaster bombers.
Her uncles flew Lancaster bombers over Europe.

The wing is a symbolic gift to the dead, with each part carrying a special meaning

The wing is a Snow Duck wing, with a beaded butterfly on the deerskin binding.
A Turkey feather and a Canada Goose feather are bound in with the Snow Duck wing.

This is a symbolic gift to the dead, with each part carrying a special meaning.
The Snow Duck is a reference to the Native Veterans in Canada, travelers a long way from our land of snow in that war.
The Turkey was a valued food bird in Eastern North America, and carries a prayer that those who have gone to the Spirit world may have all the good things in that world.
The Canada Goose flies high above the world, and looks down like the Eagle from high in the sky. It symbolizes a prayer that her father and uncles may grow closer to the Creator in the Spirit world.

The beaded butterfly on the deerskin symbolizes the transformation from the human form to the spirit form, like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

Paula made this memorial herself, with deep meaning and careful crafting, demonstrating respect and love for those who have passed on. As we move into winter, now is a good time to remember our ancestors, living or in spirit, and respectfully acknowledge how their life and work affect our own lives.

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