So, I inherited my wife’s Dell desktop when she said that she essentially didn’t require a dedicated workstation any longer. It’s still running XP even though I do most of my work in *nix land, helping with some things like updating the maps on our GPS, with software that only works on Winblows.

I threw on Cygwin and some other software, and it worked fairly well as a thin client to the Linux boxes that I develop on, not to mention the XP box at work that I need to use. Then in a regular update, I installed XP Service Pack 3. Bad move.

The box has never been more unstable, particularly in the area of resuming after a suspend. Applications randomly crash, the Windows explorer itself crashes, the whole OS goes down. Compatibility or not I’m an inch from nuking it and putting a real OS on it.

To any Windows users, if you haven’t installed XP SP3, don’t. Demand better.