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March 11, 2010

Dave O'Neill
» WIND mobile towers in Ottawa

You may have heard that WIND Mobile is going to be offering service in Ottawa shortly. I got curious as to what their coverage might be and started looking for coverage maps. I didn't find any, but I ended up graphing their wireless backbone instead.


December 12, 2009

Rick Leir
» Professional Android Application Development

book coverProfessional Android Application Development / Reto Meier, Wiley, 2009

Developers of mobile applications need look no further, Android is here. Several compelling factors put Android on the top of the pile compared with iPhone, Palm, BB and Nokia. This book is an introduction to app development, well written, with many examples, 400 pages.

January 8, 2009

Rick Leir
» Handbook of Mobile Broadcasting

DVB-H, DMB, ISDB-T, AND MEDIAFLO by Borko Furht and Syed A. Ahson
Publisher: CRC Press, Taylor and Francis, 2008

DVB-H is the standard for digital video broadcasting to handheld devices such as cell phones and PDA’s. This book is for systems engineers.

This is an e-book readable on Windows and Mac using Adobe Reader. You download it and have access for 21 days. If you have a good light laptop, this is more convenient than holding a physical book. However, for me, I have to wait my turn to use the living room PC.  The cost is as usual free for Ottawa residents, but non-residents can join for $50 per year which is cheaper than Safari though you can’t compare the selection.

Get it here at OPL.