Looking around on the ‘net I’m surprised to find several articles stating that supposedly, coffee intake can help prevent Gout.

The Star says so, based on a B.C. study.

Same thing on medicinenet.com.

And Canada.com is quoting the same from 2007.

Gout-aware.com is saying the same.

He also discovered that drinking 4 to 5 cups of coffee a day reduced the risk of gout by 40 % and if the coffee consumption increased to 6 cups or more there was a significant change of a 50 to 60% reduction of Gouty signs.Hello Gout Coffee!

Even decaf helps a bit apparently…

Decaffeinated coffee drinkers also appeared to have lessened the Gout attacks.

No help from tea though.

Tea drinkers had no effect due to their tea intake. ( this would only represent normal tea and not herbal teas )Choi believed that some form of an antioxidant was in coffee which helped alleviate Gout, and that the uric acid levels were lowered due to this antioxidant and not the caffeine itself.

So, it would appear, score one for coffee. I simply must tell Simon MacDonald