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September 28, 2010

Ottawa Android
» Android Tutorials Repository on Github

If you are going to be presenting and would like to share your source code with others, we have set up an Android Tutorials repository on Github. Feel free to create a fork of the project and add your changes to it and we’ll do our best to keep all the changes merged in and [...]

June 8, 2010

» Wherever I May Roam

Roamer, wanderer Nomad, vagabond Call me what you will $ENV{LC_ALL} = "anywhere"; my $time = localtime; say {$anywhere} my $mind; local *anywhere = sub { ... }; Anywhere I roam Where I 'git ghclone environment' is $HOME # 'grep may_roam($_) => @everywhere', # with apologies to Metallica Laziness and a severe addiction to yak shaving [...]

May 22, 2010

Dave O'Neill
» Migrating issues from Google Code to Github

I'd much rather use Git over Subversion, but I still have one project (leaguerunner) using Subversion on Google Code. Migrating the code itself to git is fairly simple, but being unable to migrate the issues still needs some tool development.