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September 16, 2011

Rob Echlin
Talk Software
» Gaming day for OCLUG this Saturday

It’s game day, and Software Freedom Day, for OCLUG tomorrow, Sat Sep 17.
11 am to probably 3pm.
Room T117 at Algonquin College on Woodroffe – that’s in building T.

BZ Flag server v2.0.x will be provided on the local LAN.
There will be some other games for kids, and mine will be there.
There will be some software demos, at least one for ‘R’.

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May 4, 2011

Ottawa Android
» AMA – Mario Zechner – Author of Beginning Android Games

The following is a reddit AMA article by the Mario Zechner, the maintainer (and creator?) of libgdx He includes several links to free resources for people interested in mobile game development on Android.

December 12, 2010

Ian Ward
excess - News
» Manufactoria Distils the Awesome of Programming

Just adding my voice to the chorus of people praising Manufactoria.

I played through a earlier version months ago, but had to come back and try it again. The latest versions let you flip parts and easily move and rotate sections of your machines. And the new "Malevolance engine" jumps straight to your flaws or validates your designs almost instantly. If you like writing software, you must try this little game.

October 8, 2010

Ian Ward
excess - News
» Good Linux Games just published an article listing some good Linux games (comments possibly even better than the article). I'm posting this here so I can find it again when I have the time to waste.

March 22, 2009

Rick Leir
» The ecology of games : connecting youth, games, and learning

The ecology of games : connecting youth, games, and learning / edited by Katie Salen, MIT Press, 2008

This book is about the psychology of computer games. What makes a game addictive? How can games be useful in education? The book is a collection of 9 essays by academics, and conveys many interesting ideas, though game designers will not find any practical how-to. 250 pages.

Get it here at OPL