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March 10, 2010

Rob Echlin
Talk Software
» Hemingway gone

So I was watching the edit page tune up, taking forever, text instead of icons, and one said “Insert More Tag”. And it did what I wanted and I just had to edit 38 or so posts, waiting for the very slow edit window to tune up 38 or so times. And now you can see more than one post title on the same screen. Woohoo! And the very irritating tag and category links still point to some page so you can find other topics that match this one from all over WordPress, but they’re mostly not on my blog, but the tag cloud works properly, at the moment anyway.

And I might like Hemingway if I could control the colors, but it’s so dark and a bit hard to read and the text on the links on the ‘white’ variant is too light and really, really hard to read. So anyway, here we are at a plainer style, but I think it’s easier to read.

So I hopya likit. :-)

Tagged: frustration, fun, site

July 14, 2009

Dave O'Neill
» VServer and

I recently moved our automated testing systems from a KVM+Qemu setup to Linux-VServer. We didn't need the overhead of a full virtual environment, even one as lightweight as KVM. However, there was a little snag -- didn't work correctly.