See the updates below if you want to keep your root.

I just received the following text from Rogers, and as it claims my data access has been disabled. Since I am running CyanogenMod I never had the 911 issues that the stock Rogrers firmware experienced.

    Rogers/Fido Safety Message: URGENT Reminder 911 Calls HTC Dream
    software update: Mandatory software update is now available to help
    ensure 911 calls are completed from your phone. Please go immediately
    to on your PC to download.

    In order to help ensure 911 calls are completed internet access was
    temporarily disabled on your phone at 01/24/10 6:00AM EST. To
    reactivate internet service, please complete your software update
    immediately. Upon completion, internet access will be re enabled
    within 24 hours.

    For users of Macintosh and Windows 7, please call 1-
    888-764-3771(1-888-ROGERS1) for update instructions.

    We apologize for the inconvenience but we prioritize customer safety
    above all.

So I called rogers to get it straightened out and get my data access back. However since everyone in the country that has a Dream or Magic got their service cut... you can imagine I wasn't the first one to call and complain. When the automated system told me that I would have to wait for 30 minutes I hung up. My time is a bit more important than that.

Ben Selinger wrote about his experiences and it seems to me that Rogers doesn't want people with phones they don't control as customers.

Well, this is one more strike for Rogers, and one more reason to leave. Let's hope WIND is all that it's cracked up to be.

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