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November 3, 2012

Michael P. Soulier
But I Digress
» New blog

So I decided to dump Wordpress and go to something that I have more control over. I was thinking of building my own static blogging system, but I looked around and found that there are a few already. Being a fan of Python I decided to try out Pelican. It uses a bunch of technology that I would use anyway, like reStructuredText, Jinja2, etc.

It also gives me an excuse to play with Heroku for hosting. Which, I must say, is pretty cool for getting a website or web service hosted quickly, with nothing but a push from Git to trigger the publishing of the site.

Granted, Heroku was meant to host dynamic sites driven by WSGI apps, but I found a great hack to fool Heroku into running a static site.

So, we'll see how this goes. My main blogging tools now are Vim and Git, so how can I go wrong?

June 11, 2010

Ottawa Android
» Android Bloggers

Here are a few links to some bloggers who talk about ways to improve your Android software. Expect this list to get updated constantly as more information about other bloggers becomes aware. Send an email to the mailing list with suggestions for others bloggers we should add to this! Mind the Robot – Focus on [...]

August 22, 2008

Rick Leir
» Dispatches from Blogistan

book coverDispatches from Blogistan : a travel guide for the modern blogger / Suzanne Stefanac. New Riders, c2007

Here is a quirky little book about blogging that starts with a history of journalism going back to 2600 BCE, follows with some fluffy pieces by leading bloggers, then goes on to the practical issues of setting up a blog site. Relax with this book, it’s a good diversion.

Get it from OPL

August 12, 2008

Rick Leir
» Blogging @America

book coverBlogging @America : the new public sphere / Aaron Barlow. Praeger, 2008

Here is an academic book about blogging, and it is an interesting read. Politics, society, culture .. humanity is moving to the web.

Get it at OPL.

August 7, 2008

Rick Leir
» Blog rules : a business guide

Blog rules : a business guide to managing policy, public relations, and legal issues / Nancy Flynn, American Management Association, 2006.

The blog is a powerful tool for a business, but it also puts you on thin ice. This book is a guide to the best business practices related to blogging, and the rules that a business needs for managing its blogs.

Get it from OPL