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May 16, 2011

Rick Leir
» Linux Symposium

Have you registered yet for the Linux Symposium? Featured speakers include Jon “Maddog” Hall and Jon C. Masters.

The goal of the Linux Symposium is to bring together Linux developers, enthusiasts, and systems administrators to improving communication, strengthen the personal connections within the Linux Community and to promote the open and free dissemination of new ideas. We see our community as the most diverse group ever to collaborate on a single project and we are very proud to have played our part for the last 13 years.

December 8, 2010

Rick Leir
» Linux Programming

book coverThe Linux Programming Interface – A Linux and UNIX System Programming Handbook, Michael Kerrisk, No Starch, 2010

This book is for programmers of C and C++ applications on Linux or Unix. Written in a precise style, it explains all the system calls in detail. There is much knowledge contained in this book, and it is the best reference I know of for this field. Hardcover, and at 1500 pages, you will be wanting a table to support it! Contents:

1   History and Standards
2   Fundamental Concepts
3   System Programming Concepts
4   File I/O: The Universal I/O Model
5   File I/O: Further Details
6   Processes
7   Memory Allocation
8   Users and Groups
9   Process Credentials
10   Times and Dates
11   System Limits and Options
12   Retrieving System and Process Information
13   File I/O Buffering
14   File Systems
15   File Attributes
16   Extended Attributes
17   Access Control Lists
18   Directories and Links
19   Monitoring File Events with inotify
20   Signals: Fundamental Concepts
21   Signals: Signal Handlers
22   Signals: Advanced Features
23   Timers and Sleeping
24   Process Creation
25   Process Termination
26   Monitoring Child Processes
27   Program Execution
28   Process Creation and Program Execution in More Detail
29   Threads: Introduction
30   Threads: Thread Synchronization
31   Threads: Thread Safety and Per-thread Storage
32   Threads: Thread Cancellation
33   Threads: Further Details
34   Process Groups, Sessions, and Job Control
35   Process Priorities and Scheduling
36   Process Resources
37   Daemons
38   Writing Secure Privileged Programs
39   Capabilities
40   Login Accounting
41   Fundamentals of Shared Libraries
42   Advanced Features of Shared Libraries
43   Interprocess Communication Overview
44   Pipes and FIFOs
45   Introduction to System V IPC
46   System V Message Queues
47   System V Semaphores
48   System V Shared Memory
49   Memory Mappings
50   Virtual Memory Operations
51   Introduction to POSIX IPC
52   POSIX Message Queues
53   POSIX Semaphores
54   POSIX Shared Memory
55   File Locking
56   Sockets: Introduction
57   Sockets: Unix Domain
58   Sockets: Fundamentals of TCP/IP Networks
59   Sockets: Internet Domains
60   Sockets: Server Design
61   Sockets: Advanced Topics
62   Terminals
63   Alternative I/O Models
64   Pseudoterminals
A   Tracing System Calls
B   Parsing Command-Line Options
C   Casting the NULL Pointer
D   Kernel Configuration
E   Further Sources of Information
F   Solutions to Selected Exercises

March 2, 2010

Rick Leir
» Fedora 11 and Red Hat Enterprise

book coverFedora 11 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux bible / Christopher Negus, Eric Foster-Johnson, Wiley, 2009.

Here are 1000 pages for the Fedora admin. The book will be useful at the beginner and intermediate level. Most of it applies to any current Linux distro. It includes a live CD and an installation DVD. The live CD can be used in most PC’s, without installing anything to the hard disk, and will allow you to experience Fedora Linux. When you are hooked, pop in the DVD and install your system.

December 12, 2009

Rick Leir
» Professional Android Application Development

book coverProfessional Android Application Development / Reto Meier, Wiley, 2009

Developers of mobile applications need look no further, Android is here. Several compelling factors put Android on the top of the pile compared with iPhone, Palm, BB and Nokia. This book is an introduction to app development, well written, with many examples, 400 pages.

June 25, 2009

Rick Leir
» Beginning Portable Shell Scripting

Beginning Portable Shell Scripting : From Novice to Professional / Peter Seebach, Apress, 2008

Many years ago I learned scripting by reading the boot time scripts in SunOS or System III. Life would have been so much easier with this excellent book! You need this book when you are writing an installer for a software product. Or automating something like backups with cron. Or checking that your machine is secure. Or…

June 2, 2009

Rick Leir
» Linux networking cookbook

Linux networking cookbook / Carla Schroder, O’Reilly, 2008

Here is a book on system administration for Linux.  It is practical and really useful.

1Introduction to Linux Networking
2Building a Linux Gateway on a Single-Board Computer
3Building a Linux Firewall
4Building a Linux Wireless Access Point
5Building a VoIP Server with Asterisk
6Routing with Linux
7Secure Remote Administration with SSH
8Using Cross-Platform Remote Graphical Desktops
9Building Secure Cross-Platform Virtual Private Networks with OpenVPN
10Building a Linux PPTP VPN Server
11Single Sing-on with Samba for Mixed Linux/Windows LANs
12Centralized Network Directory with OpenLDAP
13Network Monitoring with Nagios
14Network Monitoring with MRTG
15Getting Acquainted with IPv6
16Setting Up Hands-Free Network Installations of New Systems
17Linux Server Administration via Serial Console
18Running a Linux Dial-Up Server
19Troubleshooting Networks

Legendary ORA quality. 600 pages.

Get it here at OPL

» Building embedded Linux systems

Building embedded Linux systems / Karim Yaghmour, O’Reilly, 2008

This book is more about architecture than coding. It looks to be practical and really useful. Legendary ORA quality. 400 pages.

Get it here at OPL

May 27, 2009

Rick Leir
» Ubuntu kung fu

Ubuntu kung fu : tips, tricks, hints, and hacks / Keir Thomas, Pragmatic Bookshelf, 2008

You will find Ubuntu Linux even easier to use after reading this book, and you will find Ubuntu even more powerful. 350 pages.

Get it here at OPL

April 28, 2009

Rick Leir
» Managing the human factor in information security

Managing the human factor in information security : how to win over staff and influence business managers / David Lacey, Wiley, 2009

Here is a really useful book for the IT admin in charge of security. Attackers con insiders too easily, and we need to counter the problem with the help of all employees. “I’m really interested in reading this book and, frankly, once it’s published, I’ll be one of the first to buy it.” — Dr. Eugene Schultz

Get it here at OPL

April 21, 2009

Rick Leir
» JavaScript : the missing manual

JavaScript : the missing manual / David Sawyer McFarland, O’Reilly, 2008

This is a book for newcomers to Javascript, but learn it well and you will be writing top quality code. 500 pages.

Get it here at OPL

April 16, 2009

Rick Leir
» Mac OS X for Unix geeks

Mac OS X for Unix geeks / Brian Jepson, O’Reilly, 2008

Here is a book that will be really useful with my next Mac. Though there are 400 pages, this feels like a compact book because it is printed and bound nicely.

Get it here at OPL

April 9, 2009

Rick Leir
» Infotopia

Infotopia : how many minds produce knowledge / Cass R. Sunstein, Oxford University Press, 2006

Much can be learned from how wikis, prediction markets and open source can generate correct information based on input from many people.  “This extraordinary work synthesizes the latest in how we know, with the latest in what the web has become, to map more compellingly than any other book the promise and risk of the information society.”
–Lawrence Lessig

Get it here at OPL

March 30, 2009

Rick Leir
» Rapid GUI programming with Python and Qt

Rapid GUI programming with Python and Qt : the definitive guide to PyQt programming / Mark Summerfield, Prentice Hall, 2008

If you are looking for the best toolset for rapid development of applications, your choice might be Python with Qt. Also, your resulting product will be maintainable and portable. This book is a top guide to programming PyQt, 600 pages and hardcover.

Get it here at OPL

» The art of debugging with GDB, DDD, and Eclipse

The art of debugging with GDB, DDD, and Eclipse / by Norman Matloff, No Starch Press, 2008

This book is important reading for anyone programming on Linux in C++, Java, Perl, or Python. It is very readable with 250 pages.

Get it here at OPL

March 17, 2009

Rick Leir
» GNU/Linux application programming

GNU/Linux application programming / M. Tim Jones, Charles River Media, 2008

This is about programming using bash, awk, lex, Python, and similar languages. It also covers automake, gdb, gprof, networking and virtualization. It also explains the use of multiple processes and threads with pthreads and IPC. It is very readable. This is a thick book, and covers a lot of topics. It steers clear of the kernel and drivers.

Get it here at OPL

March 11, 2009

Rick Leir
» Professional multicore programming

Professional multicore programming : design and implementation for C++ developers / Cameron Hughes, Tracey Hughes, Wiley, 2008

Concurrent programming has become important for a greater proportion of all programmers since commodity PC’s went multicore. Good books on this have been in OPL for years (click on the 5-star tag to see some of them).  This book is useful because it gathers all the important topics into one place.  It starts with a good introduction, then outlines machine architecture for Intel, AMD, Sparc and Cell. Then it gets into programming structure for thread synchronization, with code examples in C++.  It has good reference information on Posix threads (pthreads).  It is intended for C++ programmers, but Java programmers will gain from reading it too.

Get it here at OPL

March 9, 2009

Rick Leir
» The art & science of Javascript

The art & science of Javascript / by Cameron Adams, SitePoint, 2008

Here are 7 things you can do with JavaScript that you might not have thought of, written by 7 top programmers. Topics include creating client-side badges, debugging and profiling with Firebug, meta programming techniques, and building a 3D maze with CSS.

Get it here at OPL

March 4, 2009

Rick Leir
» Programming principles and practice using C++

Programming principles and practice using C++ / Bjarne Stroustrup, Addison-Wesley, 2009

Here is a really good introduction to C++, written by the original designer of C++. At 1200 pages, it will keep you busy for a while. It does not assume any programming experience, and is a good textbook for a university course.

Get it here at OPL

February 23, 2009

Rick Leir
» Code leader

Code leader : using people, tools, and processes to build successful software / Patrick Cauldwell, Wiley, 2008

Here is a book to help you make the move up to team leader. It is one thing to be technically sharp, and quite another to organize a group to be technically sharp together. Philosophy, Process, Code Construction: all at a practical level, and concise at 200 pages. Very good!

Get it here at OPL

February 20, 2009

Rick Leir
» Linux appliance design

Linux appliance design : a hands-on guide to building Linux appliances / by Bob Smith, No Starch Press, 2007

Here is a good practical introduction to designing appliances (DVRs, routers, any intelligent device) using Linux and open source tools. It discusses architecture then practical details with example code. The book is very readable, and the authors clearly have real experience.

Get it here at OPL